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Our Soy/Bee wax candles are a gift from The Divine Lord Sananda (Jesus Christ) to all. They are individually hand poured and blessed through Lord Sananda during production to be infused with Spiritual Healing Energy for the true believer.  Each possesses a powerful connection with the “Christ Consciousness, 11th Chakra”.  By lighting your “Christ Consciousness” Candle you will “Pierce the Veil of Illusion©” to bring you into your “I AM Divine, 13th chakra”.  This is the I AM the Divine channel of Wisdom, Truth and Realization, where all is possible to have, to create, to be knowledgeable… for a healthy physical body; mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the potential of Divine Oneness. Thee I AM!

I Am The Flame Candles® has been created to provide spiritual believers with source for receiving Christ Consciousness and Chakra candle that are made under the direct guidance of the Masters; infused with wisdom and blessings. These candles are more than an elegant touch to your home or office. They are made under the guidance of Spiritual Masters. Each is hand-made and blessed through prayer and meditation to provide you with the healing energy of the Chakra System.

Each hand-crafted candle is made with all natural products and specially devoted to a specific healing energy so that when it is burned it will provide the believe with a balancing force to conquer negative energy that may creep in and began to consume our emotions, physical well-being and mental outlook. By burning the candles while meditating and seeking the healing energy through these candles the Master will unveil your limitations and enlighten your directions to true healing.

Please be sure that before lighting any of the chakra candles you must light the "Christ Consciousness" (Violet or Gold) pyramid candle.  Burn this candle through to remove any barriers that may exist to bloke you from receiving the healing energy of the blessed chakra candles.  Pray with the Christ Consciousness candle lift the "Veil of Illusion to Christ Consciousness®” where you can find and see the truth of your needs and requests without obstruction; absent darkness.  That all thing be presented through the illumination of the Divine Light, in purity and truth.  Finding a place where we can overcome basic instincts of human nature and bring you to higher and more principled being of Divinity.  (Read more on the Christ Consciousness page).

Candles may be special ordered in quantities, size, color and aroma you desire.  Call today.

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