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Candle Considerations

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How should I burn my candle?

Our soy/bee wax are all natural oils which are designed to make your candle burn longer.  Soy wax has what is called a memory therefore it is necessary to allow your candle to burn for 2 ½ to 3 hours the first time it is lit.  Building this memory helps the candle to avoid the pillar effect of wax build-up on the side of the container.  Also called tunneling.  This poor burning is a major cause of diminished flame and little fragrance while burning. 

A proper melt pool is indicated when the hot liquid wax can be seen completely across the container and about ¼ inch deep.  You should burn your soy/bee wax candle for 1 hour for each inch of its diameter to obtain a proper melt pool.  (Example: a two inch diameter candle container of soy/bee wax should be burned for 2 hours to obtain the proper “memory”).  Obtaining a proper melt pool will ensure you get the best scent through and flame from your candle with each burn.  This is very important that on the first burn to avoid creating a poor burn memory and thus tunneling or the pillar effect.  This will diminish the fragrance throw and the flame during every burn thereafter.


Why is my flame weak?

By all accounts a properly trimmed wick should be cut approximately ¼ to ½ inch above the wax.  If it is cut too short or has broken off at the base of the wax the flame will not be able to build up enough heat to burn the wax and will drown out.

To fix this, extinguish the flame and pour off the liquid wax into a heat-safe container.  Allow for at ¼ inch wick, maybe a little longer because the wick will be saturated with wax and may burn too fast to build up heat.  Relight the candle and burn for at least the recommended time as mention above.  If the flame still goes out, repeat the process.


Why is the flame too high?

Unlikely, but should the flame become too high or began to flicker excessively the candle may be burning in a draft or you may need to trim the wick back a bit.  Soy/bee wax candles will occasionally mushroom at the top of the wick.  (Indicated by a ball build-up at the top of the wick).   To correct, extinguish the flame and either scrap off the ball or cut the wick, leaving ¼ inch wick above the wax surface.


Why doesn’t my candle omit a strong odor?

It could be that your olfactory receptive sensors have become dull and insensitive to the aroma of the candle.  If you have been in the room with the candle for a while, we suggest that you try leaving the room or walk outside to get some fresh air and realign your olfactory receptors for about 10 minutes.  This should allow for your sense of smell to return and help you better sense the candle fragrance.  Another reason for a poor candle fragrance throw is the room size.  Candles, obviously, smell better in confined rooms.  Rooms that have high ceilings, open windows, ceiling fans or that are joined with other rooms to create vast open areas in the home may require more candles to create the fragrance you desire.

If still are not satisfied, you may try putting the candle in a safe place in a small restroom and close the doors and windows.  Come back in 10 or 15 minutes and see if you can smell the candle.  The scent throw of soy/bee wax candles is generally very good when burned appropriately in the right room size.

Extreme changes in temperature can cause a candle to burn uneven and diminish the scent throw.  Move into a room with a more stable temperature.

Do not burn your candle inside bookshelves or cabinets where there is a lack of oxygen and the scent will be inhibited.  (Besides you should always ensure your candle is burning in a safe place free of books and papers, drapes and other flammable items!)

You should know that small candles, such as; votive, taillights or small container candles are generally not sufficient to create enough scent for a normal size room with a normal ceiling.  Consider that generally a 16 oz. candle is sufficient to provide enough scent for a 15’ X 15’ room, or so. 


What makes a candle fade?

Direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light will fade the color of your candle.  Avoid placing your candle in areas of direct sun light.  Candles will soften and began to melt at temperatures greater than 80 degrees.

We regret that candles that have been improperly stored or used contrary to normal care and use instructions are not refundable.