There is ONLY one authentic Christ Consciousness Candle that is spiritually blessed... That is here.
I AM The Flame Candles
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By lighting this candle you will be crossing the “Veil of Illusion to Christ Consciousness®” It is time to awaken the Christ Consciousness within (God's Consciousness), to transform our basic instincts of human nature into to higher and more principled characteristics of Divine qualities that mirror and reflect the Light of the Creator, and enable us to BE the unconditional Love which accepts ALL that IS… The State of Divine Wisdom.  Let go of old patterns, create shifts within and manifest the truth of who you are as the Spirit of the Creator lives within the Soul of each of us and All of Nature. We need only to open our minds to reveal, recognize, and reflect our Divine Light within. This "Awakening" is "Enlightenment" or "Illumination": recognition of the truth within the Soul, as experienced by All through great or small life-awareness events as we begin acknowledging our higher-selves.  In doing so, we instinctively sense these manifestations as they develop.  Christ Consciousness is a spiritual state of being, recognizing and enveloping All as One regardless of teaching or belief.

The Christ Consciousness Candle was brought down to Earth directly from the Source God (by Medium Rose) as a gift from the Divine to help humanity in this transitional and ascentional time of human conscious.

Each Spiritual Candle is made with the dearest Love and Blessings from The Source  God to enlighten your path to the realization of the truth. This special candle has a Pyramid shape of gold, white or violet (the color gold represents the Christ Consciousness, white color unconditional love,  and violet represents transmutation), each side of the Pyramid candle represents the four subtle elements of Mother Earth: Earth (South), Water (North), Fire (East),  Air (West) and Ether (top of the pyramid). Their triangular sides are representations of the mind, body and soul.  The pyramid also represents a spiritual initiation.

Lighting the Christ Consciousness candle will open a unique self-portal of light to elevate you to your Highest Self opening up your path to the Divine Source.   Light each candle while stating your innermost intentions and affirmations, directing the flame to transmute illusion into True Loving Light Energy of the Christ Consciousness.

The pyramid symbolizes man's inner-quest.  The person who lights the Christ Consciousness candle will pierce the veil of illusion. Initiating a Divine connection within themselves. The Christ Consciousness candle (are embedded with Divine Sacred Codes) which have the ability to harness a higher level of vibrational energy of the Christ Consciousness. The Candles was created at the time of Atlantis, They are made only on the New Moon with pure bee wax and soy wax. The physical element of this wax is able to hold Divine Codes/Energy to be released by the fire which a sacred prayer, mantra and affirmations. To help those who seek the Light to find the truth within.

SACRED SYMBOL “I AM” (Gold and Silver): The “I AM” symbol was passed to Rose by The Source God, to be passed on to humanity to assist each individual during this Ascension Time as we are all acending to the Fifth Dimention. Each candle carries the energies The Source which is Pure Love possesing Healing Energy and Wisdom. 

HOW TO USE THE SYMBOL:  After lighting the ‘I AM Christ Consciousness candle” do the prayer, mantra and affirmations.   Using your right hand, place the tips of your fingers and thumb together to form a cone.  Start drawing the “I AM” symbol into a spiral by circling 13 times around your heart, to create a vortex of connective light energy.  Hold your hand out about one foot in front of your heart, cone end facing up. In a clockwise rotation and beginning with a big outer circle, make 13 circles, decreasing each circle to bring the 13th circle into completion at your heart, cone facing upward.  With each circle say slowly aloud “I AM…. I AM… I AM…” Feel the vibration energy in your chest as you come nearer Christ Consciousness… “I AM… I AM… I AM…” 


 A thought creates a reality, your reality! This vortex of Light you create opens the heart chakra, raises the energy of love within each cell of your body and brings balance, wisdom, peace, health and truth and a wholeness. In doing so, you and LightWorkers world-wide amplify the thought of a better world and the ascension of mother Gaia and all Earthly beings to the Christ Consciousness state, to operate in the Mind and Heart of God.

Lighting your I AM Christ Consciousness candle® with the prayer, mantra and affirmations embraces the healing energy of “I AM the Flame®” candle and thus assists the nonbeliever/believer in opening a portal of light to raise the vibration within the energy field enough to feel and receive the true source of Christ Consciousness energy as needed to enable transmutation, create balance and healing of life issues related with this chakra that block the persons true potential.  

Preparation and Instructions for Lighting Candles:

Light and do affirmations of the I AM Christ Consciousness candle before lighting specific chakra candles
Place a glass of water next near your candle. The blessings and healing from Master energies are thus invoked into the water, creating an Energy for your unique physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues.  

After the candle has been burned out you may drink the blessed/energized water.

Repeat the Prayer, Mantra and Affirmations for 21 (twenty one) days.

*** While reading the Prayer, Mantra and Affirmations please FEEL each word in your heart ***

Invoking the authority of Divine Cosmic Energy - Source to hear my affirmation of wisdom and truth.


Divine Cosmic Universal Energy, Pure Love

Which created the whole Universe

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

Please guide me within your Divine Wisdom, Unconditional Love, and Compassion into a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical being of Health, Wealth, Strength, Understanding, Courage and Companionship. (List any other issues/items where you seek blessings or healing)  Please, Allow me to Forgiveness of Myself and Others. 

Thee I AM


"I AM... The Flame;

I AM... The Divine Flame;

I AM... The LightWorkers Flame;

I AM... The Christ Consciousness Flame"


I AM... Abundance - Scarcity is gone and I AM... Grateful

I AM... Aligned - With the source of all... I AM... Presence

I AM... Aware - The illusion is gone and I AM... Wisdom

I AM... Forgiveness - Odium is gone and I AM... Unconditional Love

I AM... Happy - Turmoil is gone and I AM... Calm

I AM... Healing - Illness is gone and I AM... Healed

I AM... Joy - Sadness is gone and I AM... Happiness

I AM... Life - Dissolution is gone and I AM... Aware

I AM... Light - Darkness is gone and I AM... Pure Reflection of God

I AM... Love - Fear is gone and I AM... Compassionate

I AM... Peace - Anger is gone and I AM... Centered

I AM... Whole - Separation is gone and I AM... Connected

Thee, I AM... So Be It, So It Is

 "All the answers we seek in life are within; it is from within we find Peace", Rose