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Crown Chakra (Seventh Chakra)

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Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara  means: Thousand-fold

          Chakra Location: Slightly above the top of the head, at the                                  location of the soft spot at birth.

         Chakra Color: Violet/White            Subtle Element: Cosmic Energy

1 - Crown Chakra Energy governs: Ability to open up to the Divine and total access to the unconscious and subconscious, Boundlessness, Center of Spirituality, Cosmic Consciousness, Center of the connection with the Divine, Divinity, Direct connection with our spiritual nature - The Source/God, Dynamic thought, Energy, Enlightenment, Inward flow of wisdom, Inspiration, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health, Oneness with the Universe, Unity.

2 - Identity: Universal

3 - Informations stored inside the Crown Chakra: Controlling beliefs/patterns, Controlling patterns, Duality, Emotional Feelings (joy, anger, fear), Individuality, It is into this vortex that the Life Force is dispersed from the universe into the lower six chakras, Magnetism, Personal Power.

4 - Purpose: Bliss, Connection to ones Spirituality, Information, Integration of the whole, Intuitive Knowing, Spiritual Awakening, To Know, Understanding.

5 - Spiritual Lesson: Living in the Now, Self-knowledge , Spirituality.

6 - Challenges: Attachments.

7 - Physical Organs are: Cerebrum, The Brain, Brain stem, Central Nervous System, Cerebral Cortex, Head, The Pineal and Pituitary glands and the related hormones they excrete, Pineal body, Spinal cord.

8 - Physical Symptoms, some indications of imbalance may manifest as:  ALS, AIDS, Alcoholism, Amnesia, Coma, Cognitive problems, Chronic Exhaustion not associated with physical ailments, Color blindness, Catatonic, Depression, Diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system, Environment, Epilepsy, Hallucinations, Hysteria, Headaches, Immune Disorder, Insomnia, Mystical Depression, Mental Illness, Manic depression, Neurosis, Psychotic, Rheumatism, Stress, Skin, Sensitivity to Light and Sound.

9 - Mental and Emotional, some indications of imbalance may manifest as:

Alienation                                             Anxiety

Apathy                                               Apathetic

Avoid spiritual connection                Boredom

Cognitive delusions                           Confused sexual expression

Closed minded                                   Concerns about the mundane world

Confusion                                           Difficult to learn

Delusions of power                            Discovery of the Divine

Destructive feelings                           Domination

Detachment from God/Spirit, disassociation from the body

Emptiness                                             Fear the needs will not be met

Frustration                                        Grief

Hesitation                                          Hallucinations

Have not surrendered to divine plan, higher will

Imbalance                                         Limited beliefs

Limitation and division                    Living in your head

Lost life purpose                              Lack of purpose

Loss of meaning or identity             Materialism

No faith                                            No connection with God; no belief in miracles

No understanding of purpose of life

Not looking for a mentor                 No joy in life

Rigid                                                Selflessness

Spiritual/Religious addiction          Spiritual uncertainty

Un-trustful                                      Unable to make decisions

Unable to connect in the physical world

Unable to connect to the spiritual intuition              Worry

Preparation and Instructions for Lighting Candles:

When lighting this Crown Chakra Candle with the mantra and affirmations the healing energy of I AM the Flame®” candle can assist the nonbeliever/believer by opening a portal of light to rise the vibration and or speed of the chakra enough so that he/she can feel and receive the true source of Christ Consciousness Energy needed to heal and transmute the issues of imbalance blocking the persons potential from experiencing balance and allowing the shifting within to achieve the healing needed with the connectivity or life issues associated with this chakra.  

Before lighting the Crown Chakra I AM the Flame® candle you must have lit the I AM the Christ Consciousness Flame®, candle (Pyramid violet color or gold color) once before.

Has been suggested by the Masters to put a glass of water next to the candle, so that They can bless the water with the Energetic Medicine you may need for your Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual issues. After the candle has been burned out you may drink the blessed/energized water. 

Invoke the Divine Cosmic Energy presence to be with you, then light the Crown Chakra I AM the Flame® candle, with the following Mantra and Affirmations.

You may say the Divine Cosmic Universal Energy Prayer, before the Mantra if you wish.

*While reading the Prayer, Mantra and Affirmations please FEEL each word in your heart*


Divine Cosmic Universal Energy, Pure Love

Which created the whole Universe

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

Please guide me within your Divine Wisdom of Love, and Compassion into a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical being of Health, Wealth, Strength, Understanding, Courage and Companionship. (List any other issues/items where you seek blessings or healing)  Please, Allow me to Forgiveness of Myself and Others. 

Thee I AM


"I AM the Flame;

I AM the Divine Flame;

I AM the LightWorkers Flame

I AM the Christ Consciousness Flame



          I AM A peaceful being    

          I AM Able to question              

          I AM Able to assimilate and analyze informations

         I AM Able to see the bigger picture in the life stream as well as in my own

          I AMAware of who I AM

          I AMA spiritual being in a physical body

          I AM An open mind to see the truth

          I AM Blessed all information I need comes my way

          I AM Connected with the life force

          I AM Connected with my highest truth

          I AM Conscious

          I AM Devoted

          I AM Easily processing informations

          I AM Guided by inner wisdom

          I AM Guided by a higher power

          I AM Grateful for my mind

          I AM Grateful that my life is unfolding exactly as it should be

          I AM Grateful for my life and who I am

          I AM Grateful that I have an open mind to see truth

          I AM Guided from within

          I AM Humanitarian

          I AM Insightful

          I AM In tune with the Divine consciousness

          I AM Intelligence

          I AM Listening to my intuition everyday

          I AM Presence

          I AM Thankful for my ethical behavior/decisions       

          I AM Open to new ideas

          I AM Open minded

          I AM Open minded, intelligent and aware

          I AM Open to my own intuitive abilities and I use them for my highest good

          I AM One with the Source

          I AM One with the Universe

          I AM Releasing my EGO driving desire

          I AM Spiritually connected and open

          I AM Thankful that God is within me

          I AM The inspiration in my life

           AM Trusting my inner guidance in all areas of my life

          I AM Thinking clearly

          I AM Wisdom and mastery

 ** Please let…Love, Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, Light, be within you. **