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Heart Chakra (Forth Chakra)

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Sanskrit Name: “Anahata” means “Unstruck”

Chakra Location: In the center of the chest, above the sternum. In the area of the heart (front) and at vertebrae T1 – 5 in the back between the shoulder blades

Color: Green/Pink                 Subtle Element: Air

1 - Heart Chakra Energy governs:

Ability to love self and others, Acceptance, Balance, Caring, Centered, Compassion, Content, Confidence, Connection to Body, Desirous of Nurturing Others, Devotion, Emotional Empowerment, Empathetic, Friendly, Generosity, Give and Receive Love, Good Self-Esteem, Hope, Inspiration, Love, Loving, Mind and Spirit, Non-judgment, Peaceful, Relationships, See Good in Everyone, Spirituality, Surrender, Trusting

Love and forgive yourself are a powerful first step in securing a healthy Heart chakra and its where the “Wounded Child” resides; always know “Loves Heals All”.

2 - Identity: Social

3 - Infomation Stored inside the Heart Chakra:  Connections or "heart strings" to those whom we love.

4 - Purpose: Emotional Empowerment; To Love and Be Loved; Ability to give and receive Love, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Acceptance of Others.

5 - Spiritual Lesson: Self-acceptance, Trust, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Letting Go.

6 - Challenges: Grief (Accept self and feel worthy to be loved).

7 - The physical counterparts are:  The Heart, Arteries, Circulatory System, Thymus, Lungs, Upper Back, Lower Lungs, Breasts, Blood, Circulatory System, Skin, Rib Cage, Veins, Esophagus, Arms, Hands, Diaphragm and Shoulders

8 - Ailments, some indications of imbalance may manifest as: Cardiovascular disease, Lung and Breast Cancer, Respiratory disease, Heart disease, Heart Attack, Poor Circulation, Thoracic Spine, Lung illness, Angina, High blood pressure, Asthma, Weak Immune System (sick a lot), Upper Back, Pneumonia, Shoulder Problems, Insomnia, Difficulty Breathing, Bronchitis, Thymus.

9 - Some symptoms of imbalance may appear as: (Mental and Emotional)

Anger                              Envy

Antisocial                       Emotionally unavailable

Lack of happiness         Attachment

Fear                               Little or no Compassion

Argumentative              Feelings of Disappointment

Naivety                          Afraid of Letting Go

Feels Superior to Others        Paranoid

Afraid of Getting Hurt           Greed

Promotes Conflicts      Assumes people will hurt-self 

Hate Self/others           Resentful

Bitter                            Intolerance

Self-hatred                  Being a Pleaser

Intolerant                    Sadness

Being a Martyr           Isolated

Snappy                       Clingy

Intellectual Arrogance          Sorry for Self

Critical                       Indecisive

Self-absorbed            Compassion

Irritability                  Scheming

Codependent             Jealousy

Suspicious                 Despair

Judgmental               Too much Focus on Others

Depression                Lacking Empathy

Withdrawn               Dependency on others

Lonely                      Poor Boundaries

Overly concerned for others (Too empathic)

Feeling Unworthy of Love     Mechanical

Suffocating others with love and gifts

Response (Unfeeling or calculated)

Believes that the world is not friendly place

Wounded personality; looking for revenge

Feels that you are loved for what you DO, not WHO you ARE


When lighting this Heart chakra candle with the mantra and affirmations the healing energy of     “I AM the Flame®” candle can assist the nonbeliever/believer by opening a portal of light to rise the vibration and or speed of the chakra enough so that he/she can feel and receive the true source of Christ Consciousness energy needed to heal and transmute the issues of imbalance blocking the persons potential from experiencing balance and allowing the shifting within to achieve the healing needed with the connectivity or life issues associated with this chakra. 

Before lighting the Heart Chakra “I AM the Flame®” candle you must have lit the “I AM the Christ Consciousness Flame®”, candle (Pyramid violet color) once before.

It has been suggested by the Masters that you place a glass of water near the burning candle so the water can be blessed at the same time with the energetic medicine you may need for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues.

After the candle has been burned through you may drink the blessed/energized water.

Invoke the Divine Cosmic Energy presence to be with you, then light the Heart chakra “I AM the Flame®” candle, with the following Mantra and Affirmations.

You may say the “Divine Cosmic Universal Energy” Prayer, before the Mantra if you wish.

*While reading the Prayer, Mantra and Affirmations please FEEL each word in your heart*


Divine Cosmic Universal Energy, Pure Love

Which created the whole Universe

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

Please guide me within your Divine Wisdom of Love, and Compassion into a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical being of Health, Wealth, Strength, Understanding, Courage and Companionship. (List any other issues/items where you seek blessings or healing)  Please, Allow me to Forgiveness of Myself and Others. 

Thee I AM


“I AM… the Flame;

I AM… the Divine Flame;

I AM… the LightWorkers Flame

I AM… the Christ Consciousness Flame”




I AM… A giver of love and I am accepting love in return

I AM… Accepting love for myself and others

I AM… Caring, Loving to myself and others

I AM… Compassionate person

I AM… Content

I AM… Centered

I AM… Emotionally balanced and in harmony with my energy

I AM… Filled with joy and happiness in my heart

I AM… Grateful for my healthy heart

I AM… Guided and protected

I AM… Grateful that I broke myself free from my past

I AM… Grateful to love myself and all unconditionally

I AM… Grateful for being a forgiving, patient, kind and non-judgmental person

I AM… Growing and expanding in positive ways each and everyday

I AM… Happy to see others with abundant happiness

I AM… Loving myself and others in every area of my life

I AM… Loving what I do

I AM… Not-judgmental person

I AM… Peaceful within

I AM… Physically Healthy

I AM… Thankful for my strong circulatory system, thymus and back.

I AM… Thankful for my clear lungs

I AM… Thankful there is an infinite supply of love

I AM… Thankful synchronicity is present in my life

I AM… Thankful that I have an open heart

I AM… Thankful that I live in harmony with others

I AM… Thankful and I accept myself as who I AM

I AM… Trusting life

I AM… Unbiased person

I AM… Loved and Love is in my heart

** Please Let... Love, Peace, Light, Unconditional Love, Patience, Forgiveness, Compassion to Self and Others, Harmony, Joy, Solidarity, Unity be Within You**