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Root Chakra (First Chakra)

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Sanskrit Name: “Mooladhara means “Foundation or Support
Location: Pelvic area (front) and Base of Spine (back) Perineum.

Chakra Color: Red          Subtle Element: Earth

1 - Root Chakra Energy governs:

Earth Plane (Physical), Acceptance, Centre of Manifestation, Family, Grounding, Material Reality, Physical Needs, Safety, Self Esteem, Social Order, Security, Survival

This Chakra has the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies that empowers our Beings. The color red can help bring our energetic body “down to earth” and in alignment with our energetically fleeting or in other words spacing out.

2 - Identity: Physical

3 - Informations stored inside the Root Chakra: Familiar beliefs, Instincts, Loyalty, Physical Body, Physical Pleasure or Pain, Superstitions, Survival Past Impressions, Touch

4 - Purpose: To Have, To Be Here, Kinesthetic Feelings, Movement, Connection to Earth.

5 - Spiritual Lesson: Survival, Self-Preservation, Material world

6 - Challenges: Fear (Always worried that something bad will happen)

7 - The physical counterparts are:

Adrenal Glands, Anus, Base of the Spine, Blood, Bones, Bowels, Ankles, Cells, Colon, Feet, Genitals, Immune System, Kidneys, Knees, Sciatic Nerve, Muscular System, Nervous System, Prostate Gland, Rectum, Sexual Organs, Skeletal System, Skeletal Structure Primality the Hips, Legs and Lower Back, Spinal Column, and Teeth

8 - Ailments, ome indications of imbalance may manifest physically as:

Anorexia Nervosa, Arthritis, Autoimmune Diseases, Bone Problem, Circulation (Poor), Constipation (IBS), Depression, Eating Disorders, Immune System Disorders, kidney Stones, Knee Trouble, Lower Back Pain, Nervous Disorders, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Rectal Tumors, Sciatica, Sexual Organs (Male/Female), Skeletal Problems, Varicose Veins, Weak.

9 - Some symptoms of imbalance may appear as (Mental and Emotional

Anger                                  Hoarding                     Restless

Anxious                               Insecurity                    Resists Structures                               

Depression                         Lack of Discipline       Resentment

Difficulty                            Low Self-Esteem          Rigidity

Frustrated                         Spacey                         Fearful

Manifesting                      Sluggish                       Greedy

Monotony                         Social Order               Heaviness  

Nervous                           Workaholic                 Over indulgence

Stumble or Falter            Poorly Grounded (Lacking direction)

Poor Focus and Discipline                                   Unrealistic Self-Gratification

Chronic Disorganization                                      Neglect Physical Needs

Has Frequent Illness (Hypochondriac)               Bad Eating Habits Chronic Over/Under

Chronic Worry                  Feels Unsafe              Vulnerable

Persistent Insecurity         Poor Boundaries        Easily Unsettled by Change

Crisis Junkies                   Drama Queens           

Needs Constant Reassurance in Relationships

Anticipate or Experience Financial Difficulties

Bouts of Sadness Survival, Confused or Understanding Might be Impaired, 

Feeling Unloved or Unappreciated,  Imbalanced (Lacking equilibrium),

Obsessed with Material Possessions (Materialistic).

Issues can manifest in any combination or form; spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally. 

When lighting this Root chakra candle with the mantra and affirmations the healing energy of “I AM the Flame®” candle can assist the nonbeliever/believer by opening a portal of light to rise the vibration and or speed of the chakra enough so that he/she can feel and receive the true source of Christ Consciousness energy needed to heal and transmute the issues of imbalance blocking the persons potential from experiencing balance and allowing the shifting within to achieve the healing needed with the connectivity or life issues associated with this chakra.

Before lighting the Root Chakra “I AM the Flame®” candle you must have lit the “I AM the Christ Consciousness”, candle (Pyramid violet color) once before; and your connection will be made with that one blessed lighting.

It has been suggested by the Masters to put a glass of water next to the candle, so the Masters can bless the water with the Energy Medicine you may need for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues. After the candle has been burned out you may drink the blessed/energized water.

Invoke the Divine Cosmic Energy presence to be with you, then light the Root Chakra “I AM the Flame”candle, with the following mantra and affirmations. 

You may say the “Divine Cosmic Universal Energy” Prayer, before the Mantra if you wish.

*While reading the Prayer, Mantra and Affirmations please FEEL each word in your heart*


Divine Cosmic Universal Energy, Pure Love

Which created the whole Universe

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

Please guide me within your Divine Wisdom, Love, and Compassion into a being of Health, Wealth, Strength, Understanding, Courage and Companionship. (List any other issues/items where you seek blessings or healing)  Please, Allow me to Forgiveness of Myself and Others.


                                                             “I AM… the Flame;

                                                         I AM… the Divine Flame;

                                                     I AM… the LightWorkers Flame;

                                             I AM… The Christ Consciousness Flame”


           I AM… Accepting all of  the Abundance in my life

           I AM… Calm

           I AM… Confident and I Love who I am

           I AM… Enough and I have enough

           I AM… Feeling safe and secure          

           I AM… Grateful that I have good health

           I AM… Grateful for all I have

           I AM… Grateful for my body’s Wisdom which I Trust and I love My Body

           I AM… Grateful for my body’s good image and form    

          I AM… Grateful for challenges that teach me who I really am

          I AM… Grateful for my healthy body…           

          I AM… Grateful that my adrenalin is balanced

          I AM… Grateful I have everything I need

          I AM… Grateful my energy is grounded and brings in a healthy energy flow

          I AM… Grateful and I love my life

          I AM… Grateful for it is safe for me to be here

          I AM… Here and now

          I AM… Immersed in Abundance

          I AM… Joyful with my home and family

          I AM… Loving my body and I trust its wisdom

          I AM… Living here and now

          I AM… Nourishing my Mind, Body and Spirit

          I AM… Physically Healthy

          I AM… Rooted to Life

          I AM… Safe in all areas of my life

          I AM… Safe; Mother Earth supports me and meets my needs

          I AM… Secure in my physical body

          I AM… Standing on my Strength and the Earth supports me

          I AM… Thankful for my clean blood

          I AM… Thankful for my prosperous life

          I AM… Thankful for my healthy sexual organs

          I AM… Thankful for my strong health bones

          I AM… Thankful for the world I live in

          I AM… Thankful for the abundance of life I have

** Please let... Love, Hope, Health, Ingenuity, Patince and Prosperity be Within You**