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Sacral Chakra (Second Chakra)

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Sanskrit Name: “Swadhisthana” means “Sweetness”
Location: Two fingers-widths above the Muladhara Chakra (front) and lower back, vertebrae T9 – 12 (back) - Pelvis, Lower abdomen Ovaries/Prostate

Chakra Color: Orange                             Subtle Element: Water

1 - Sacral Chakra Energy governs:

Creativity, Can Change, Can Nurture Self and Others, Can fell Pain and Pleasure, Desire, Emotionality, Healthy Boundaries, Intelligence, Intuition, Movements, Pleasure, Self-Worth, Sensuality, Sexuality, Vitality.

The Sacral chakra often offers us the opportunity to lessen our ”control issues” and find a  balance in our lives, teaching us to recognize that acceptance and rejection are not the only options in our relationships. The Sacral chakra offers us the opportunity to lessen our Control Issues and find a balance in our lives, teaching us to recognize that acceptance and rejection are not the only options in our relationships. The Sacral Chakra Energy help us to make changes in our life stream as well as in our personal life.

2 - Identity: Emotional

3 - Information stored inside the Sacral Chakra:

Duality, Controlling, Emotional Feelings, Magnetism, Patterns,  (Joy, Anger, Fear)

4 - Purpose: Emotional Connections, To feel, Flowing with the Emotions Freely, To Want, To Create

5 - Spiritual Lesson: Creativity, Honoring Relationships, Learning to Let Go, Self-Gratification and Manifestations.

6 - Challenges: Guilt, Lassitude and Repressed Emotions (Only Good Feelings are Acceptable Feelings)

7 - The physical counterparts are:

Abdomen, Abdominal Cramps, Adrenal Glands, Appendix, Bladder, Blood Lymph, Circulatory System, Constipation, Gallbladder, Gallbladder Stones, Genitals, Kidneys, Hip area, Large Intestines, Liver, Lower Intestines, Lower Back, Lower Vertebrate Stomach, Muscle Spasms, Middle Spine, Ovaries, Prostate, Pancreas, Pelvis, Pelvic Girdle, Reproductive Organs, Sexual Organs Male / Female, Stiffness, Spleen, Stomach, Testicles, Upper Intestines, Uterus.

8 - Ailments, some indications of imblance may manifest physically as:

Bladder Disease, Bladder infections, Chronic Lower Back Pain, Energy of Self, Hip joint deterioration, Impotence, Infertility, Kidney Stones, Libido, Loss of Creativity, Menstrual Difficulties, Miscarriage, Pelvic Pain, Sciatica, OB/GYN problems, Reproductive System Dysfunction, Sexual disfunction, Sexual Drive, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), Sciatica, Urinary Problems, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).

9 - Some symptoms of imbalance may appear as: (Mental and Emotional)


Addictions                       Fear of Pleasure                          No Interests or Passions

Anorexia                         Feeling of being held back           Obsessive

Apathetic                        Feelings of Unworthiness            Obsessive Attachments          

Avoids Relationships     Friendliness                                  Passionate

Blaming                         Frigidity                                        Passionate

Bored                            Guilt                                              Poor Boundaries

Bulimia                         Jealousy/Closely                           Power

Control                         Impotence                                     Repressed Volatile Feelings

Creativity                     Inability to express oneself creatively            Resentment

Depression                   Indifferent                                     Seeking Constant Reassurance

Emotionally Cold         Instability                                     Sensual/sexual addictions

Emotional Dependance           Lassitude and Repressed Emotional       Self-Rejection

Emotionally Explosive            Loss of Creativity                                    Self-Denial

Emotional Instability              Lack of Sexual Desire                             Self-Deprivation

Emotional Numbness              Loss Passion/Love                                  Self-Pity

Energy of Self                         Manipulative                                           Sexual Drive

Excessive Boundaries             Money Issues                                         Sterility / Infertility

Fear of Change                       Morality Apathetic                                Too Sensitive

Stuck on the Past or Future (Not Present)                                             Uninspired

Sexual Dysfunction - Addictions / Sensual to Celibacy

Difficulty of Making changes in life.

Suppressed needs to express oneself creativity and touch

Deadened Senses (Emotionally Unavailable)

Obsessed with Thoughts of Sex or may Lack energy

Related to the reproductive organs and genitalia (testes/ovaries) and the production of testosterone or estrogen.  Sexuality, birth and creativity are functional areas associated with the Sacral/Second chakra.

Issues can manifest in any combination or form; spiritually, physically, emotionally or mentally.

When lighting this Sacral chakra candle with the mantra and affirmations the healing energy of “I AM the Flame®” candle can assist the nonbeliever/believer by opening a portal of light to rise the vibration and or speed of the chakra enough so that he/she can feel and receive the true source of Christ Consciousness energy needed to heal and transmute the issues of imbalance blocking the persons potential from experiencing balance and allowing the shifting within to achieve the healing needed with the connectivity or life issues associated with this chakra.

Before lighting the Sacral Chakra “I AM the Flame®” candle you must have lit the “I AM the Christ Consciousness”, candle (Pyramid violet color) once before; and your connection will be made with that one blessed lighting.

It has been suggested by the Masters to put a glass of water next to the candle, so the Masters can bless the water with the Energy Medicine you may need for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues. After the candle has been burned out you may drink the blessed/energized water. 


Invoke the Divine Cosmic Energy presence to be with you, then light the Root Chakra “I AM the Flame”candle, with the following mantra and affirmations. 

You may say the “Divine Cosmic Universal Energy” Prayer, before the Mantra if you wish. 

*While reading the Prayer, Mantra and Affirmation please FEEL each word in your heart*


Divine Cosmic Universal Energy, Pure Love

Which created the whole Universe

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

I AM in You... You are in ME

Please guide me within your Divine Wisdom of Love, and Compassion into a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical being of Health, Wealth, Strength, Understanding, Courage and Companionship. (List any other issues/items where you seek blessings or healing)  Please, Allow me to Forgiveness of Myself and Others. 

Thee I AM


I AM The Flame;

I AM The Divine Flame;

I AM The LightWorkers Flame;

I AM The Christ Consciousness Flame


I AM… Able to express my feelings

I AM… Able to recognize my desires and I know what I want

I AM… Attraction abundance in my life

I AM… Creative and positive

I AM… Creative in all area of my life

I AM… Comfortable in my body

I AM… Deserving of good feelings and to have fun in my life

I AM… Emotionally balanced

I AM… Emotionally intelligent, I know what I feel

I AM… Embracing and celebrating my sexuality

I AM… Elegant and proper

I AM… Experiencing life to the fullest

I AM… Forgiving my past and embrace every positive moment of the present

I AM… Grateful I have a healthy state of passion and sexual desire in my life

I AM… Grateful for the body I live in

I AM… Grateful that I love my body and I treat it with respect

I AM… Grateful and I trust my life

I AM… Honoring myself and take care of all of my needs

I AM… In harmony with my relationships

I AM… Intimate and kind to others

I AM… Moving easily and effortlessly

I AM… Open to receive all of the goodness that life brings my way

I AM… Present and completely alive

I AM… Pleasure

I AM… Respect for myself and others

I AM… Successful

I AM… Thankful that I love myself

I AM… Thankful that I absorb information from my feelings

I AM… Thankful for healthy Kidneys, bladder and genitals or uterus

I AM… Thankful for the physical pleasure of love

** Please let... Love Abundance, Well-Being, Pleasure, Sensuality, Honest-Feelings within you**